Visit Our Showroom in Monrovia, CA

Please come to visit our 1200 sq/ft showroom at 111 W Foothill Blvd, Monrovia, CA. It is 100% lit up by Solatube daylighting systems, not using any electrical power at all. We also have two Solar Star attic fans constantly venting out the heat from the attic space during day time. You’ll be amazed to find out how bright our showroom is. The various designer diffusers (light shades) let you see the unique effects of sunlight coming through them.

111 W. Foothill Blvd.
Monrovia, CA 91016

Call Our Office:
Tel: 626-386-5333
Cell: 310-925-1985

Openning Hours:

Please call us before coming: 626-386-5333

Winter┬átime:┬áMon-Fri: 10 am — 3 pm
Sat: 10 pm — 2 pm

Summer time: Mon-Fri: 1 pm — 5 pm
Sat: 11 pm — 3 pm


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