Billy L.

I would recommend Better Home energy to everyone! They use superior product high-efficiency solar panel and a very very quiet motor for my attic fan. I'm not the type of person who goes up to my roof every now and then check up on things so I decided to go with a very good company. "Bill" who performed the installation service was on time polite detailed and very tidy. The workmanship that was done on my home was perfect. I really appreciated the fact that Bill took the time to give me an explanation on the other services he provides to save me more money on  my energy cost. The unit has been up in my attic for a little time now and I do feel a change in temperature and I have the Nest smart thermostat and it does tell my my AC unit is running less.  Bill is very professional and is licensed.

Su. J.

We had a QuietCool Whole House Fan model QC TRI PRO-1.5 installed last week for my daughter's room. Bill went to our attic and did a free evaluation. He recommended this fan based on the size of the room. It was amazing! When he finished the installation, he turned on the switch to test it. I immediately felt gentle breeze coming in through the window. The job was done very nicely. We will hire him again when we are ready to add more whole house fans in other rooms.

S. C.

The service and Quiet Cool fan installation were superb.  I can truly call Bill a perfectionist in every way.  He presented all models and specifications to me and there was absolutely no pressure to purchase.  He was on time for the installation and was able to answer all of my questions and guided me through the use of the fan.  My installation required some extra ceiling work, and it, too, was done to perfection.  He left the work area spotless.  The whole house fan is such a marvelous invention that I am telling my family and friends about the product and about Better Home Energy, and in particular Bill.

S. W.

Our installer, Bill, was very professional and courteous.We had a QuietCool QC STL PRO-4.8 recommended to us since we have a 2200 sq. ft home and wanted an energy efficient fan.When Bill came to our home for an initial consultation, he told us it would be no problem to install it. When we gave him the green light, a week later he came and did the installation. He then realized that he could not install the fan at the location we wanted because he didn't realize that the wall near the installation area was a shear wall and he did not want to cut into it. He offered a full refund since it was his mistake, but Bill was so honest, we settled for another installation location. He took care of the warranty, registration and everything and handed us the paperwork when he was done. The overall installation took about 3-4 hours. We are very happy with his work.

Bill is a hard-to-find, honest, and friendly installer. Thank you Bill!

M. R.

Bill Potter is the real deal.  I'm remiss in not writing this last year when he replaced our quietcool whole house fan under warranty. Bill went the extra mile and had Quietcool replace the unit instead of a sub standard repair... (all credit to Quitcool for listening to Bill's recommendation).  Bill also installed a solar attic fan for us.  He's the BEST!

Hans S

Mr. Potter is the owner and it was a pleasure having him install the All in One solar street lights in our cul de sac.  He is a real pro.  The installation was very quick and in no time our dark street had wonderful lighting.  Why all street lights are not solar is beyond me.

Bill Potter stepped in where my "roofing company" had fallen down on the job. He installed a 30 watt solar fan (and removed the nails that the roofers had used for two 22 watt fans -- replacing them with the appropriate screws and caulking.

Mr. potter is extremely knowledgeable and professional.  he did an excellent job for me, when my "roofing company" (in business for 24 years) installed the wrong 10 watt fans for my large and extremely hot attic.

I have noticed a significantly lower attic temperature -- due to the 2 22-watt fans and the 30-watt fan that Mr. Potter installed last saturday.

I can recommend him without reservation.  i only wish my "doctors" were as professional and competent as Mr. Potter.

I would use him again in the bat of an eyelash.

This is a company that care about their customers. I was so amazed by what they could do to improve my house and save utility bills. I didn't much about solar till they explained to me in a language I was able to understand.  They not only offered me their great products and services, but also they tried to work with my budget. I really appreciated them for their time and consideration.

I highly recommend them if you want to get the wonderful service I  had received.

Extremely professional. Great customer service. Professional. Easy to work with. Gave us a great deal and now we are saving more home energy.

E. E.

I had a Solatube combined with a “switched” light fixture installed in a dark dressing room. The result is superb. The work was completed very professionally and the company owner/installer was professional and courteous. I thought the price was very fair. A great company.

I'm in love with our solar tube! We had one installed in a small dark hall way. It made a huge difference. Bill also installed a light in it as well. Bill was very clean and informative about all his work. I will also be calling him for future projects! Thanks a lot!

J. E.

Thank you for a great job.Your workmanship was excellent . You exceeded my expectations, I find myself trying to turn off the light.