Smart Palm

A Tree that provides free gadget charging, WiFi and shade from the sun

In the past, we used to hear that a tree provides you shade from the sun and also fresh air, rejuvenating the senses. But in today’s times, a tree is destined to provide you with much more than you can imagine. Yes, an artificial palm tree like structure dubbed, Smart Palm, has been launched which provides park visitors with free WiFi, charging points, as well as provide shade from the sun.

This 20ft tall solar-powered Smart Palm has mono-crystal solar panels on top of the front roof which gets charged all day long to make sure that you never have a battery running out of energy. There are 8 charging points in this hub and it can charge phones, laptops, etc., two and a half times faster than ordinary plugs.

The free WiFi network connectivity of Smart Palm has a range of 174 ft with the capability of connecting 50 users simultaneously and is provided by every telecom company.

Installing Smart Palm is a good idea in public locations and especially in areas where the sun is abundant, such as beaches and parks.


Meet the Smart Palm

The Smart Palm project is an iconic fusion of easy access to information, accessible WiFi and green technology.



Solar Panels

Special matrices of photovoltaic modules were designed to power up the Smart Palm, specifically made to fit the shape of its leaves. With efficiency of more than 21%, they are built to provide a complete power autonomy for each Smart Palm.

WIFI Hotspot

In the immediate vicinity of each smart palm, users will be able conveniently access the internet through the build-in WIFI hotspot.

Security & Emergency Features

Each Smart Palm is equipped with a 360 degrees infrared CCTV camera and an Emergency button accessible through the Touchscreen Application.

Touch Screen & smart info application

Smart City information is provided via the multilingual and user-friendly community information app accessible through the Smart Palm touch screens, as well as the dedicated website and mobile applications.

Digital outdoor screens

Each Smart palm provides space for public info messages, government notices and commercial advertisements through the digital outdoor screens.

Relax Points & battery recharge stations

Seating area is available next to each Palm for resting and relaxation during the battery charging process, as well as for comfortable internet browsing via the complimentary Wi-Fi access. Our Smart Palm Recharge stations are capable of charging all batteries 2.5 times faster than the regular charging speed.