Solar Water Heaters for your Home and Office – Powered by Sun Bandit

Sun Bandit® is a revolutionary new way in which solar is used to heat water for your home and office. using solar energy for your hot water is an incredibly effective way to cut down on your energy bill and environmental resources. using solar power reduces energy use in a smart and effect way. This innovative photovoltaic (PV) solar water heater delivers clean, reliable hot water by putting the free energy of the sun to work for you in ways that makes owning a solar system more practical and affordable than ever before. In fact, Sun Bandit® solar hot water systems cost only a fraction of traditional solar thermal installation and can operate independent of any grid-tied connection.


How it Works

Sun Bandit Authorized Dealer in MonroviaSun Bandit® Solar Hybrid Water Heating Systems combine revolutionary new Sun Bandit® AC micro-grid technology with a Sun Bandit® hybrid water heater to provide a renewable energy solution that offers unrivaled functionality and dependability while incurring far less installation, equipment and maintenance costs than any other solar water heating system on the market. Sun Bandit® is uniquely designed so that it does not require net metering or grid-tie connection allowing it to operate independently from the main electrical grid and provide free hot water even during a power outage.

With no fluids and mechanical components to maintain or wear out, Sun Bandit® gives more people in more places the freedom to choose a simple, clean, quiet and reliable renewable energy solution that uses the free energy of the sun to heat water, reduce utility costs, and increase energy independence.

Sun Bandit® is available in 30, 50, 80 & 119 gallon electric water heater kits and four power package configurations

Sun Bandit® seamlessly integrates into any home and is as simple to use as any appliance.


Heat Your Water with Solar Power

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Simply Smarter Technologies

SunBandit Solar PanelsBy using solar photovoltaic (PV) power instead of solar thermal, Sun Bandit® is able to provide a much simpler and more cost-effective solution than previously available. In addition, Sun Bandit® does not require regular maintenance or rely on mechanical parts, making it even more economical in the long-term.

The specially-designed micro grid controls regulate the Sun Bandit® system, ensuring optimal power use at any given time. The micro-grid allows Sun Bandit® to be autonomous from utility permitting and manages the power flow from the PV modules to the Sun Bandit® hybrid water heater. By creating a true, self-contained micro-grid, Sun Bandit® is able to work seamlessly as a standalone appliance.

Sun Bandit® takes the guesswork out of assembling an optimized solar package.